In order for you to achieve maximum result with your chosen language course, we provide a set of specific monitoring tools that will allow employer and students alike to easily follow the progression of the training and to optimise the time they dedicate to it.


Attendance Sheet
Although every company may have a different requirement for monitoring the courses taken, on a regular basis, our trainers will complete an attendance sheet comprising of the date and length of the lesson, who the individual persons registered to this group are and who was present at the specified session. This will be used generally for internal purposes but could be communicated to the relevant persons within the company using our services
Download the Attendance Sheet

Course Evaluation
In accordance with the potential request, we could send either at the end of the course or on a regular basis, a "Course Evaluation" message to the person responsible for monitoring the progress. This will give the opportunity for each student to give anonymous feedback.
It will be treated with full confidentiality.
Download the Course Evaluation Sheet.

Group Attendance Report
This optional item helps companies to monitor the attendance of students by listing all the individuals/groups. It also indicates starting dates and any change that could occur within each individual group. These tailor-made reports could be following any specific group on a monthly basis throughout the whole length of their course.
The downloadable copy available here is given only as an example.
Download the Group_Attendance_Report.

Level Profile
This table is to help everyone, from the student to the Human Resources, to find out the initial level (prior to starting the course) in the language chosen. Levels will range from 1 (beginner) to 10 (advanced) and will be based on the following criteria: Listening & Comprehension, Oral Expression (ability to converse and pronunciation), Writing (vocabulary and grammar). It could also be used as reference at any stage of the course to follow the individual development or the coherence of a group.
Download the Level Profile.

Progress Report
To closely follow for both the student and the tutor (as well as for the management), what has been studied and when. But also to double check who has been present in a group, or confirm a potential late cancellation (L.C.). All points studied will be mentioned and details of each lesson will be kept there for the records. These reports are used internally even if there is no request from the student or his/her company.
Download the Progress Report.

Advanced Purchased Statement
When a Company purchases a block of hours, the statement for advance purchases is issued at the beginning of the month to show the number of hours initially purchased, the amount of lessons/hours taken during the previous month, the number of hours remaining at the end of the previous month and any "late cancellation" that may have occurred. Late cancellations are always noted L.C.
The downloadable copy available here is given only as an example.
Download the Advance Purchase Statement.

Student Hours' Report
This report gives a global view on the whole Corporate situation of the training for a company or an institution. All students are listed, groups and individuals, with all details requested. These forms can be made to match any specific requirement from Human Resources.
The downloadable copy available here is given only as an example.
Download the Student Hours' Report.

Student Assessment
An initial assessment (free of charge) is available at the beginning, right before starting the lessons. A specialist in foreign language training will be sent by MDG Europe Ltd to the office of the new student. It will take between 20 minutes (for a full beginner) to 45 minutes (for an advance learner). This will be used to decide of the program followed by the individual student, or group and will be then passed on to the relevant tutor. This sheet will be the result of this initial meeting. It is also closely following the Level Profile (see above).
These reports could also be produced on a regular basis to monitor the progress made.
Download the Student Assessment.