Individual or Group Courses?

Choosing between individual teaching or group teaching

A member of staff needs foreign language training, what elements to consider in choosing the type of course ? Personalised Individual Training (1 to1) or should this individual join a group?

For a very senior member of a company or organization, their time table is often very busy and a certain amount of flexibility from the course provider is paramount. The Individual Training seems to be an obvious choice in this case.
Other criteria to consider

  • The budget: Individual Training is more expensive. The larger the group, the smaller the cost per head.
  • The attention given to the student: The attention given to any particular student will be more important in an Individual Training than in a Group (especially in larger groups)..
  • The interaction within a group of people: The personalities involved in a group Training impact each other. Some individuals may not reach their best potential in such conditions when others gain in confidence due to the interaction.

Benefits of Individual Teaching (also referred as one to one or 1/1)

  • With the “Traditional Method” either on an extensive, semi-intensive or intensive course, the tutor / trainer will travel to the student’s premises avoiding wasting any time of external traveling for the staff member;
  • With the “eLearning Method”, either on an extensive, semi-intensive or intensive course, the tutor / trainer will communicate with the student through the internet;
  • The lessons take place in the student office, avoiding any time of external traveling;
  • All the attention will be dedicated to one single person;
  • All the material will be exclusively chosen for the benefit of the student
  • The pace of course is adapted to the student.

E-Learning option

The differences for a group on the Internet and a “live" group will be comparable to the differences between video conferencing and real live conferences.
In a similar way, individual lessons are comparable to a conversation on Skype and a real meeting.
The E-Learning gives the opportunity to have the lessons in a more familiar environment and for the groups, also give the choice to mix people from different locations.