"For my professional meetings"

I have been working for a French company for the last twelve years. I am English and I had not really learned a foreign language before. Four years ago, I decided it would be much better to be able to speak in French as I have a lot of professional meetings with my colleagues and counterparts in France. Some of these meetings were held in French, but when they were held in English it was only because I was the only Anglo-Saxon person there. The situation had gradually made me feel uneasy.

At the beginning of my course, we revised the grammar and acquired the basic and necessary vocabulary. From the earliest stage we immediately practiced the freshly acquired notions. Subsequently we studied the structure of the language in more depth as well as learning more about the spirit of the country. I was very satisfied with both my tutors and I hope to be able to continue working much further with my current one. We now concentrate on more elaborate topics and much more complex structures. Although I now regularly speak in French with my colleagues and no longer have any problems when I travel to France, I intend to continue taking lessons: my aim is to be able to speak at an advanced level.

K.C. Corporate & Investment Banker

"A unique approach"
I have known and used MDG Europe Ltd. now for over 2 years and can highly recommend them.
My French tutor’s name is Michel. He provides a unique approach in learning French with both conventional and custom approaches tailored specifically to the student.

It’s both refreshing and welcome to overcome the high amount of work required early on in learning French in order to provide traction. I don’t hesitate to recommend them.

J.P. Information Technology & Services International Bank

mdg-europe clients


"More confidence in French"
I had hardly spoken any French from the time I left school until about three years ago. At that time I decided to try to learn the language again because my partner and I were taking more holidays in France and we had come to the conclusion that we wanted to live there in the future.

In the early lessons with Michel I was pleasantly surprised about how much French I remembered from my school days. There were many weaknesses however. An emphasis on learning pronunciation was vital because it had been taught so badly in school. We therefore spent much time on pronouncing individual syllables before combining them into words. This has helped me considerably when listening to the spoken language. Verbs and their tenses were discussed fairly quickly and I now find that I am able to construct them relatively easily. I do still have some confusion about when to use the imperfect and perfect tenses since the rules are a little different to those in English.

The lessons have improved my confidence in using the language. I am more willing now to go out alone when we are in France than I was previously when I was concerned that someone might speak to me and I would not be able to understand them.

L.K. Senior Academic University